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Black Heron is leading the innovation game, diving headfirst into solving some of the planet’s toughest challenges. Our skilled team is pushing boundaries and turning heads with their revolutionary work in various fields.

We're tackling everything from knocking out pollution and fighting global warming to creating cutting-edge materials. Our portfolio is diverse, including breakthroughs in turning invasive Didymo algae into valuable materials, developing wool composite materials for sustainable consumer products, crafting high-end walnut furniture, and advancing pharmaceuticals to improve health outcomes. Our mission? To do more than just invent; we're here to flip the script on conventional solutions.

By bringing our innovative tech to the forefront, we partner with major players across industries, always keeping a stake in our ventures. This strategy ensures that Black Heron isn't just part of the conversation; we're leading it, making sure we stay at the forefront of global change.


Current Opportunities

This is the spot to check out and buy the latest and greatest from Black Heron. We've got a bunch of cool inventions up for grabs, all about tackling big issues like pollution and global warming, and pushing the boundaries with new materials.

We're on the lookout for partners and investors who are ready to dive in with us. It's not just about getting your hands on some cutting-edge tech; it's about teaming up to make a real difference. Let's shake things up and build a future that's both sustainable and packed with innovation. Ready to join us in making a mark?


The following businesses are part of the Black Heron holdings company and were based on novel technologies built from research and development. 

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