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Current Opportunities

Inventions for Merger & Acquisition

Eden Manuka

Eden Manuka enhances Manuka honey by increasing its methylglyoxal content, boosting health benefits and antibacterial effectiveness. They meet consumer demand for potent, natural remedies by combining traditional knowledge with scientific innovation, leading in the production of high-quality, therapeutic Manuka honey.

Sale Price: 4,000,000NZD
Broker: Mike Bryce; Barker Business Brokers
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Type: Entire Business


Shear Edge

Shear Edge innovates in the luxury market with wool composite materials, creating high-end, sustainable consumer products. Their technique combines wool's natural qualities with advanced composites, offering unique, eco-friendly options in fashion and home decor. Shear Edge caters to consumers who prioritize sophistication and sustainability, establishing itself as a leader in sustainable luxury goods.

Sale Price: 6,000,000NZD 
Broker: Petros Margaritis; Absolute Business Brokers
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Type: APAC Liscence 

Past Inventions

Current and Historical Companies

Polar Optics


Polar Optics introduces polarized contact lenses to help prevent seizures in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy, offering a discreet and innovative solution. By embedding polarization technology in contact lenses, they provide a safer way for users to manage light-triggered seizures, enhancing their quality of life. Polar Optics stands out for its commitment to medical advancement and support for epilepsy patients, marking a significant step forward in health and wellness technology.

Biome Innovation

Biome Innovation repurposes the invasive algae Didymosphenia geminata into eco-friendly paper, bioplastic, and fabric, offering a sustainable solution to environmental challenges. By converting a problematic species into valuable materials, they lead in sustainable innovation, blending ecological protection with green technology development. Biome Innovation exemplifies the potential of turning ecological issues into opportunities for sustainability.


28 to Zero

28toZero pioneers in reducing methane emissions with state-of-the-art generators that use hydroxyl radicals and ozone for measurement and neutralization. This technology marks a significant stride in environmental preservation, offering a method to combat climate change by converting methane into less harmful substances. Their commitment positions 28toZero as a leader in efforts to achieve a zero-emission future, providing a crucial tool for industries aiming to lower their environmental impact.

Cutting Edge Innovation

Cutting Edge Innovations introduces a novel medical nebulizer that atomizes medication without moving parts or batteries, using advanced physics for efficient lung delivery. This innovation enhances treatment for respiratory conditions, offering reliability and portability. It stands out by improving patient convenience and effectiveness of care, marking a significant advancement in respiratory therapy technology.


Kava X


Kava X introduces innovative tasteless Kava beverages, offering a healthy, non-alcoholic alternative that mimics the relaxing effects of alcohol without its drawbacks. By removing Kava's bitter taste, they cater to those seeking a safer way to unwind and socialize. Kava X stands at the intersection of wellness and social enjoyment, pioneering in the alternative beverage space.

Fable Gems

Fable Gems innovates in lab-grown gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, opals, and topaz, offering eco-friendly and ethical alternatives without sacrificing quality. They serve designers and eco-conscious consumers, emphasizing sustainability and transparency in the gemstone industry.

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Walnut X

Walnut X crafts unique, sustainable designer furniture from walnut shells and branches with epoxy, blending natural beauty with modern elegance. Their eco-friendly approach transforms waste into luxury, appealing to style-conscious, environmentally aware consumers. Walnut X stands out for its commitment to innovation, durability, and sustainable luxury in furniture design.

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